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Are your high-potential employees ready to lead?

As the current generation of leaders marches toward retirement, many organizations are already finding it difficult to find qualified replacements. The challenge lies in both the numbers and experience; there simply aren't as many workers as will be needed to fill vacated leadership slots, and those potential managers who are available will only bring 5-10 years experience with them.

One of the ways organizations are preparing for this impending leadership crisis is to prepare existing frontline employees to take on larger roles as they grow with the organization. This approach not only "future proofs" against a mass exit of experienced leadership, it gives organizations the ability to retain vital institutional knowledge, as well as attract and retain high-potential employees.

The Four Chronic Leadership Problems
As we transition from the Industrial Age to the Knowledge Age, organizations today face four chronic leadership problems.

  1. Trust in leaders in historic lows. Just when the payoff for trust was never higher, we have wary customers, hesitant partners, a cynical public, and suspicious employees.
  2. Strategic uncertainty. Challenges that once took years to materialize now arise overnight; competitive advantages vanish, governments vie for capital and talent - and hyper-paced technological change means that someone on the other side of the world just turned your business on its head.
  3. An ominous shortage of experienced leadership. In some countries, throngs of leaders are retiring. And other rapidly-growing countries lack qualified leaders. The result? Inconsistent execution, weak decisions, missed opportunities, and unfulfilled employees.
  4. The war for talent. Just when the right idea can change an industry, knowledge and creativity are at a premium - and totally mobile. People no longer satisfied with just showing up want to make a difference. The best people hire their employers, not the other way around. And the contribution they can make is more motivating than their paycheque.

"Leadership is not something that you learn once and for all. It is an ever-evolving pattern of skills, talents, and ideas that grow and change as you do."
- Sheila Murray Bethel

Leadership Foundations: Preparing Future Leaders For the Knowledge Age

FranklinCovey's Leadership Foundations workshop prepares non-leaders to take on expanded roles and responsibilities in the future. With an introduction to the 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders, high-potential individual contributors and informal leaders gain skills that will help them make a greater contribution as they grow with the organization.

In this intensive one-day workshop, participants learn how to:

  • Increase influence with peers, co-workers, and superiors through greater trust.
  • Make a greater contribution to the team by linking their work to a clear and compelling purpose.
  • Improve efficiency by aligning their work to the most important objectives of the team and the organization.
  • Accomplish better results by implementing a proven system to execute on critical priorities.
  • Increase the capacity of the team by helping peer and co-workers to find their voice and volunteer their highest talents.

Powerful Tools for Future Leaders
Each participant in the Leadership Foundations workshop receives:

  • Spiral-bound participant guidebook
  • Implementation handbook
  • Pocket reference card
  • Tools CD

Who Should Attend?
Leadership Foundations is ideally suited for:

  • High-potential individual contributors
  • Project leaders
  • Informal leaders

Start Preparing Your Future Leaders Today


Participants in FranklinCovey's Leadership Foundations workshop will be able to:

  1. Improve trust and influence with peers and superiors.
  2. Link their work to a clear and compelling team purpose.
  3. Implement a system for executing on critical priorities.
  4. Leverage the talents of peers and co-workers to achieve unprecedented results.

Public Workshops: Held in many cities throughout Canada. For International locations, please visit for contact information.

Corporate, In-house Workshops: Conducted at your place of business and customized to suit your organization's needs.

Certification Workshops: A FranklinCovey certification workshop empowers your organization's facilitators to teach FranklinCovey curricula throughout your organization. Certified in-house facilitators play pivotal roles in helping their fellow employees sustain a high-performance culture rooted in enduring principles of effectiveness.

$445 per participant

For locations and dates of workshops near you and for information on group discounts, call toll free 1-800-236-5284, email us.


Leadership Foundations

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